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Stone Imperial Stout

Stone Brewing Co.

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Imperial Stout | 355ml | ABV 10.5%

Ask any hardcore Stone enthusiast about our most legendary beers and you’re bound to hear mention of this one. Nearly jet black with a fluffy hot chocolate-colored head, a goblet of this obsidian wonder held to the sky could block out the sun. Or an evening. Redolent with dark chocolate and heavy roast up front, gracefully supported by nuances of coffee, black currant, molasses as it finishes… this beaut is ageable for years.

Some of us are still enjoying our bottles from the early 2000’s. So, to look ahead, what will your stock of the 2022 edition of the Stone Imperial Stout be in 2037? Legit question. Advance planning will be its own reward!

Featured Hops: Magnum
Appearance: Very dark with a deep, tan head.
Flavour Profile: Dark chocolate and coffee with vanilla, fruitiness and warm toast flavor from the roasted malts.
Aroma: Chocolate, roasted malt, caramel and brown sugar with dark roasted coffee.
Palate:Smooth and full-bodied! This beer is creamy with subtle sweetness but overall dry with a nice level of bitterness on the finish.

Overall: We don’t change this recipe much from the original version that Steve designed in 2000. It’s a fantastic recipe, and we love brewing it every year!

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