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The Timeless Way Of Building

Grimm Artisanal Ales

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Belgian Abbey-style Ale | 500ml | ABV 6.9%

The Timeless Way of Building is our heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest beers of all time, Belgium’s one and only brett-laced Trappist ale. You know the one.
We have been allowing the brettanomyces to deepen and develop in the bottle since this beer was brewed in October of 2021.

The beer pours a beautiful amber hue and drinks dry, with funky brettanomyces notes of leather and spice. The living wild yeast in the bottle keeps this beer fresh, complex, and lively, and it will continue to change and develop over the next year or two. Brewed by step-mashing European malts, a bit of sugar for a dry finish, fermented with a clean Belgian yeast and then dry-hopped with Hersbrucker and dosed with brett, this is our variation on a classic — beers like this, possible to produce before Pasteur discovered yeast and made single-strain fermentations possible, have been enjoyed since ancient times.

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