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That's Us DIPA

One Drop Brewing Co.

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Double IPA | 440ml | ABV 8.0%

A collab brew with Fox Friday.

Introducing That’s Us DIPA - a beer born from two bold and daring breweries, uniting in the name of beer & friendship to create chonky hazy number for the ages. Combining noggins, we’ve turned the experimentation with hops up to 11, classic us. Obsessive amounts of Oats and Spelt? That’s Us. HDHC (High Density Hop Charge) of Citra® on the hot side? That’s Us.

Dip Hopping with HopGain® FLOE in fermenter? That’s Us. An exclusive trial of Motueka SubZero Hop Kief™ during fermentation? That’s Us. Stripping the IPA to marco-dose fresh Citra®, Vic Secret, and Motueka into our Clean Fusion hopping process? That’s Us.

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