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Rock Juice V13

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

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Flagship Hazy IIIPA | 375ml | ABV 10.0%

Rock Juice holds a special place here for us at Rocky Ridge – it’s one of our biggest releases each year and comes with heavy expectations. For v13, we’ve returned to the experimental heart that led to the creation of RJ v1. Why? Because as we like to say, if everyone else zigs, we zag. We love playing around with our beers and felt that RJ had fallen into a ‘rinse and repeat’ pattern… Well, that’s changed now. For v13, we pulled out all the stops with a ridiculous lineup of 13 different hops (and hop products), showcasing the best of modern flavours alongside some ‘old’ favourites. Enter RJv13 – bigger, bolder, and more flavoursome than ever before.

Here’s the hop lineup:

  1. Eldorado Salvo (harnessing Beta Acids and Hop Essential Oils  for aromatic and flavourful profiles with almost no bitterness)
  2. Sabro T-90
  3. Strata T-90
  4. Idaho 7 T-90
  5. Lotus T-90
  6. Ella T-90
  7. Eldorado CGX (CGX: an advanced hop product created by extracting lupulin from green matter at -35°C to preserve its essence)
  8. Mosaic Lupomaxx (Lupomaxx: enriched hop pellets that are concentrated in the resins and essential oils that give hops their distinctive characters)
  9. Citra Lupomaxx
  10. Nelson Sauvin Sub Zero Hop Kief
  11. Motueka Sub Zero Hop Kief (Ever heard of Hop Kief? It’s concentrated lupulin extracted from fresh whole cone hops, designed for cold side use – think liquid dry hops!)
  12. Nelson Sauvin Amplifire Hop oil
  13. Motueka Amplifire Hop oil (Water-soluble liquid dry hops derived from fresh hops)

These hops were meticulously layered throughout the brewing process of v13, including two rounds of active fermentation hops and three distinct dry hop additions, alongside kettle and whirlpool layering to achieve a harmonious balance. 

The total hop load? Well, as Ross (our head Brewer) succinctly put it, “A sh*tload of hops.”

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