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Orange & Mango

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Fruited Soue Ale | 500ml | ABV 7.0%

History has produced some pretty iconic ‘duos’. Bonnie and Clyde. Ren and Stimpy. Cheese and Vegemite. And while PL respectfully acknowledge these well-known pairs, we reckon Orange and Mango’s got ‘em beat.

Brewed using pale malts and Enigma hops, this beer has been soured with lactobacillus. Late ferment additions of mango puree and OJ only amplify said pucker, which is good news for those who dig a bit of tingle.

It pours like bubbly juice, but let the record state that ‘this is not bubbly juice’ – it is beer. For grown-ups. A zesty fragrance greets the nose, but like most kettle sours, your tongue will take the lion’s share...

Picture piercing an orange’s skin with your teeth, then gorging on the pulp within. Got it? Good. Now you’re in the ball park. As your palate jolts to attention, a dollop of mango quells the acidity, leaving you with thoughts of apricot pie, and that mimosa you sipped on at brunch.

Take that Bonnie and Clyde.

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