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Oat Cream Hazy IPA | 375ml | ABV 6.8%

Amidst Frothtown chaos, an epiphany hits – we need another beer, pronto! *Cue the email blast*

Enter “Last Minute,” the audacious Oat Cream IPA with the superstar hop trio: Strata, Galaxy, and Nectaron. This hazy golden warrior showcases lightning-fast wit and unmatched skill.

Pouring Last Minute unleashes an aroma that dances with tropical fruits, succulent berries, citrus zing, and a mischievous hint of melon. Brace yourself for a full-bodied, creamy masterpiece that camouflages its alcohol content like a secret agent. The hops steal the spotlight, flaunting tropical fruit and berry notes that’ll make your taste buds go wild.

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