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Harry Thiols: Sign Of The Times

Mountain Culture Beer Co

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Hazy IPA | 500ml | ABV 7.0%

Thiols are compounds found in malt and hops that express intense tropical fruit notes, however, most thiols in beer are “bound” and don’t contribute any aromatics so we needed to practice processes to convert them to “active” thiols to bring out the desired tropical flavours.

Next, the yeast. Normally, you’d want to brew a thiolised beer with a GMO yeast as they’re specifically made to assist in thiol expression (most yeasts inhibit it) but that is illegal here so again, we researched the heck out of it before deciding on two.

We brewed two beers using the same ingredients and techniques and only changed the yeast to determine which best expresses those passion fruit and guava notes.

It’s taken us 12 months to get this can in your hand thanks to a truly impressive amount of research on how to make a truly Thiolised NEIPA by our innovation team, with a special mention to OG brewer, Harry. Hence the code name Harry Thiols. Geddit?

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