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Choc Coconut Porter

Choc Coconut Porter

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

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Porter | 375ml | ABV 6.0%

A revised recipe from last year's beer of the same name, this reiteration sees almost 60kg of toasted coconut added to a bold, porter base. If that wasn’t enough, a further 50kg of cacao husks, from local chocolatier Gabriel’s, also features to yield a beer bursting with robust chocolate and sweet coconut flavours.

The toasting of said coconut is the key in this almost-dessert stout, with generous notes of nuttiness easily bursting through a rich and dusty chocolate base beer, masterfully built up with specialty malts. A slightly oily finish and restrained hop character ensure that delicious, moreish bitter chocolate and coconut flavour persists with each and every mouthful.

Rocky Ridge’s Choc-Coconut Porter is an elegant, liquid rendition of the humble coconut rough.

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