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Imperial Stout | 750ml | ABV 14.0%

Nestled within the heart of the Black Forest, a true masterpiece emerged—Black Forest RISWine (Yes, Ross dared to venture there). This exceptional creation, born from the harmonious union of Master of Kettles and DB, embarked on an 18-month sojourn within the confines of a Cabernet barrel, evolving into an entity with a life all its own. Within its depths, velvety vanilla notes intertwined with a touch of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, delivering an unforgettable twist.

Captivating the adventurous souls, this brew beckoned with enticing notes of rich chocolate, delicate vanilla, luscious sherry, and succulent cherry. With each sip, a sensory journey unfurled, commencing with a duet of chocolate and marzipan dancing upon the palate, while gentle whispers of vanilla and mischievous cherry funk added an enchanting dimension.

This brew, treasured by our esteemed Head Brewer, stands as a tangible embodiment of his unwavering passion and limitless imagination. It is a testament to his relentless pursuit of crafting liquid artistry, destined to be savoured and celebrated.

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