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Big Dumb Spider Sex

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

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Imperial Stout | 750ml | ABV 11.0%

Against the Grain (USA) enthusiastically joined us to celebrate our momentous 5th birthday collaboration. In search of a remarkable experience surpassing spider sex, we ventured into the realm of barrel-aged spider sex.

Concluding with a robust sweetness, accompanied by a drying tannic note, Barrel Aged BDSS stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, weaving a captivating narrative through its remarkable taste.

This audacious endeavour led us to age the beer for 12 months in barrels, which had previously cradled exquisite Margaret River wines. Within this Zymurgical process, magic unfolded. The result was an opulent elixir emanating an irresistible aroma of dark chocolate, cocoa, and burnt coffee that permeated the air. The initial sip unveiled a velvety odyssey of flavours, including vinous richness, dusty chocolate, coffee, maple, and delicate hints of vanillins. Concluding with a robust sweetness, accompanied by a drying tannic note.

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